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From: Alice Campbell <>
Subject: [TMG] Re: Book Authored by an Agency
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 01:29:16 -0500

>On pg 96 of GTMOOTMG, at least. The Elements in the Author, Compiler,
>Second Person, and Subject groups are designed for names, and read the
>comma as a separator between surname and given name. If you want to
>avoid that, use elements from any other group.

And the Manual which just arrived in my mailbox (YEAH!!!) says that when you are
entering the author, editor, or compiler will behave that way. It doesn't exactly
identify which source element groups it is talking about. Ambiguous documentation
drives me CRAZY! I guess I'll just have to get GTMOOTMG. I'm sure it will be MUCH,
MUCH better! :-)

Somebody asked about the Heritage books. They aren't, to my knowledge at least,
connected with the shady group you are talking about. However, the content is only
as good as the people writing the articles. The company asks genealogist, both amateur
and experienced, to write aritcles on their ancestors. You get a certain number of words
free and if you want to write more, you have to pay (through the nose!) This lends a
questionable flavor to the whole enterprise in my opinion. However, the name of the
researchers and their addresses are listed, and the researcher lists documentation (just
in general - like family papers), so I consider it a finding aid which will point me to
real evidence. I have several and they have proved valuable in pointing me to the right
places to look.

Thanks for the help.

Alice Campbell

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