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From: "JCable" <>
Subject: [TMG] Date Modifiers
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 18:07:19 -0800

I've just recently started using TMG and I'm really enjoying it. I now have a question though.

For my own personal reference, I have always used "Circa" to mean a range of 5 + years or more, "Abt." to mean probably the specified year, but no more than a year or so in either direction.

If I understand correctly, that isn't possible for me to do in TMG (my first disappointment). However, in the list of date modifiers TMG lumps circa, cir, c, about, & abt all together, and states that dates can be displayed with any of these. Since I can't have both, I prefer to have about shown, rather than circa - how do I change which variation is displayed?


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