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From: Darrell Martin <>
Subject: Re[2]: [TMG] Date Modifiers
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 22:31:56 -0600
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At 09:16 PM 3/10/04, Eric Haas wrote:

>Wednesday, March 10, 2004, 9:54:21 PM, Lee Hoffman wrote:
>LH> JCable wrote:
>>>For my own personal reference, I have always used "Circa" to mean a range
>>>of 5 + years or more, "Abt." to mean probably the specified year, but no
>>>more than a year or so in either direction.
>>>If I understand correctly, that isn't possible for me to do in TMG (my
>>>first disappointment).
>LH> But you can have that in TMG. Go to Preferences=>Current Project
>LH> Options=>>Advanced tab and change the Circa means plus or minus option as
>LH> you desire.
>I think you are misunderstanding what she wants to do. She wants to
>use "circa" to specify one range of uncertainty and "abt" to specify a
>different range of uncertainty. Since TMG changes "abt" to "circa",
>she can't do that.


I agree with Eric on the locus of the disappointment. Even if an alternative language is used and the characters output for "circa" are changed, the ability to distinguish *between* "circa" and "about" is lost. TMG's insistence on forcing the change is puzzling, and inconsistent with its normal "leave what the user wants alone" approach, in my opinion.


Darrell A. Martin
a native Vermonter currently in exile in Illinois

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