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From: "JCable" <>
Subject: Re: Re[3]: [TMG] Date Modifiers
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 17:14:27 -0800
References: <200431191243.011874@TERRY2>

> No, TMG just uses different labels. I still has two modifiers -
> "circa" and "say." You can use the alternate language feature to
> change how these modifiers how these are labeled.
> The above applies to data entered into TMG. I suspect there may be an
> issue with the modifiers of data that's imported, though I don't know
> for sure.

Given that for my own uses I wouldn't be needing "say", if I was to change
it to read "abt", how would that be effected on the different export
options, specifically gedcom? Would it read "abt" or would it still be
interpreted as "say", and be adjusted accordingly?

Also, just how much difficulty would be involved in making the change?


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