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From: "Jim Byram" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] OT - Why Do Genealogy
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 19:32:39 -0500
References: <> <003f01c40793$e1d50ec0$8333fea9@dimension>

John Heckels wrote:

> Secondly you cannot be sure that your William Cash from the 1600s has
> contributed any of your genetic makeup at all. Humans have 46 chromosomes
> half of which are inherited from each parent. My 8G-grandfather Matthew
> Dodsworth was born cir 1660. Since I have 1024 8g-grandfathers to
> the 46 chromosomes the chances are that none of them comes from Matthew.

Actually, it doesn't work that way. You inherit genes (the things that make
up the chromosomes), not chromosomes. Secondly, genetic recombination and
evolution is very conservative.

If you and a cousin, both supposedly descended from the same male
progenitor, who lived in the 1600s, had genetic profiles done, you would
discover that, if that is really the case, you will both share a number of
genetic markers.


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