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Subject: RE: [TMG] OT - Why Do Genealogy
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 15:09:06 -0600
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And then there are those of us, who know our father, and he WAS the milkman.
At least he was at one time. By the time I was born he was a printer. <G>

Teresa Ghee Elliott
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I have to admit not being an expert on gentics etc but I have read enough
about the subject to know something even if I don't completely understand
all. I know for example that the Sallie Hemings family recently provided
for the master slave relationship between Thomas Jefferson and Sallie by
doing a DNA study which established a DNA link to a Jefferson male. At a
National Genealogy meeting a paper was presented on the subject. The proof
overwhelming and the only question left is whether Thomas Jefferson or a
I believe it was, contributed the Jefferson DNA. Thus a modern male carried
set of DNA markers passed down to him through perhaps six or seven
generations. One of the things known about DNA is that most of the DNA
strings are
unused. I read an article the other day proposing that these wasted DNA sets
left over in modern humans from ancestors of tens of thousands of years ago.

This whole field is a complicated subject and I don't want to burden this
with a lengthy discussion of such. However, it does seem to be quite clear
we do receive genetic material from our ancestors.One other comment- I was
ignorant of the milkman syndrome when I wrote my little blurb. I just
it as anyone who does anything with genealogy must do. My mother always used

to say " it is a wise child who knows his own father". Think how wise one
would have to be to know his sixth great grandfather. The whole presumption
genealogy is, given no evidence to the contrary, that all children are the
product of their community accepted parents. Throw out that assumption and
the whole
study of your family and it's history goes down the drain- Dale

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