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From: Fran Dumas <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] OT - Why Do Genealogy
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 16:16:33 -0500
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>Some years ago I put together a family type history for a grand daughter and
>I wrote the following foreword to that book to try to explain why she should
>have an interest in family.
Well, I just think Dale's little introduction is beautiful ... I'd be
bound to say that anyway, because he's my father in real life. But
that's *one* of the reasons to do genealogy, anyway.

I have kind of a different angle on it as well, since I have no
children, I'm widowed and anyway I'm past the age of having biological
children. I'm an historian, one of the very few municipal historians in
New York State who gladly entertain genealogical researchers. And of
course I have worked for years on my own genealogy.

But you know, genealogy, or family history (which I guess is what I
really do) is the only kind of history wherein *every single person* is
important. People are the atoms out of which the structure of "real"
history is made, but they are pretty much completely ignored in any
academic history context. I personally don't understand how you can
understand the history of a community (which is what I'm paid to do)
without understanding the history of the people that make it up ... even
when the community is a lot bigger than the one I live in, like maybe

My three cents --

Fran Dumas
Penn Yan NY

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