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From: David Ward <>
Subject: [TMG] Variables
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 20:25:43 +0100

Joihn, you wrote:

>I tested the method I suggested and it worked. I think you are missing a
>step: choosing the woman's married name as the name to use for the event in
>question. Doing that, my sentence worked as expected. I used
><[P] was|[P1F] and [P2] were> ...
>And I got "John and Mary Smith were ..." Smith is Mary's married name. I
>have "Mrs" in the married name so that wasn't a problem. If "Mrs" was in the
>name, I'd modify the name style to get around that.

Obviously I need to get back into the military again to learn my right from
left - couldn't find the RH name choice boxes!! Anyway it now works like a

One final thing I want to ask is: Is it possible to reverse the action
"Make P1 Male"?

My thanks for your help

Utrecht Holland

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