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From: "Laurie Jones Williams" <>
Subject: [TMG] Conditional Variables: Is or Was
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 08:47:40 -0500

Hi List,

It seems as though most of you have spring fever and must be outside
enjoying the warmer weather (or is that only my Northern New York point of
view). Unfortunately, I have strep throat aggravated by my springtime
allergies. And while I can't go to work, I certainly can compute. But you
don't want my medial history. . .

I read this in the online help (Important Notes under Conditional

4. Note that the tense is determined by the living status of the
current subject (i.e., person being reported in the current paragraph)

Wholly Genes, Inc.

But I want my baptism sentence to reflect whether or not the godparents are
alive. Do I need a LiveGodmother and a DecdGodmother role or is there
another way?

Or does anyone think "His godmother was . . ." is OK whether the poor woman
is still alive or not. Personally I think she is godmother for life, but
don't know whether the sentence makes a difference.

Any input is appreciated.


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