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From: Richard Cleaveland <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Bugs in V 5.11
Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2004 20:50:56 -0500
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At 07:18 PM 4/2/2004 -0500, Lee Hoffman wrote:
>Like other formats, this is normal in that TMG expects to have either a
>year only or a full date including a _day_ entry of some kind even if it
>is zero. Enter the date as:
> c1839.3.0
>and it will work correctly.

I'd like to point out that some census entries report dates of birth as
month/year so it is likely we will see many more cases of users entering
just the month and year without adding a peculiar "0" for the day. I'm
aware that one of the most complex parts of the TMG code is that of
handling interpretation of user-entered dates (I think that's what Bob once
told me, and having coded that sort of thing in the past I believe him) But
it seems to me some improvement here is warranted.


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