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From: "Janis Gilmore" <>
Subject: [TMG] horizontal screen layout (OT)
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2004 15:26:49 -0500

I have just installed a new desktop this week to replace my ancient one - five years old. I have been working primarily on my relatively new laptop, which had a much faster processor than the old desktop.

My new machine is the Sony Vaio W series - the one with a 17 inch horizontal screen, and the attached keyboard which can flip up off the desktop. I installed TMG on it today, and realized that the horizontal screen is a great asset - for the purposes of TMG. It gives one plenty of room to display everything at all times - image, siblings, children, flags, and project explorer.

FYI. Just in case someone is debating a horizontal or vertical flat screen.

Janis Walker Gimore

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