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From: Diana Powell <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Filter Help needed
Date: Sat, 03 Apr 2004 14:24:45 -0800
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Virginia, thanks. Your suggestion does give me a List of People which
is what I "said" I wanted in my message - only problem is that what I
said I wanted wasn't really what I wanted (my usual brain disconnect).
Let me try again:

I want a List of Events type columnar report where I can assign the
output such that one column lists the tag name, one lists the date, one
the state, one the county and one the memo. But I want this LOE to only
include a subset of people where the value of a Holding flag = Y.

Maybe using a flag isn't the right way to approach it. What I really
want is a LOE report for all descendants of person X in my database.

Can I do that?


Virginia replied:

> I think this would work:
> List of People, filter for:
> Holding Flag = Y AND
> CENSNeed # of Tags >is greater than 0

My original message was:

>>I am trying to create a list of everyone who is descended from person X
>>and who also has a CensNeed tag. This seemed like a mix of List of
>>People and List of Events functions so I first ran a LOP report for all
>>desc. of Person X and changed their Holding flag to Y. Then I tried to
>>run a list of Events report. I can filter for the CENSNeed tag but not
>>for the Holding Flag.
>>So how do I limit my report to a subgroup of people who have a specific

> Virginia Blakelock
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