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From: Elizabeth Churchett <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Master Place List--global movement from one field to another
Date: Sun, 04 Apr 2004 08:25:38 -0600
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Walt wrote:

> At 12:25 AM 4/04/2004, Elizabeth Churchett wrote:
>> When I began with TMG, knowing nothing about the implications of
>> various decisions, I had to decide immediately what fields in the
>> Master Place List (MPL) to use for what information.
>> Now that I know a lot more about what I'm doing, I would like to
>> change what fields I store certain information in. For example, all
>> the stuff that I currently have in the L10 field I would like to move
>> to the L2 field.
>> I looked through Help pretty carefully, but I found instructions for
>> changing only one place record at a time. This also does not appear
>> to be a feature available in TMG Utility, at least not that I could
>> see via the Table of Contents page on John's site.
>> Can I do this move en masse, or do I need to settle in for some
>> intense work copying & pasting? I don't think it would take me all
>> that long to do; out of about 550 places, there are only about 110
>> that need to be switched. I would feel pretty silly, though, to do
>> all that by hand only to find out later there was a much simpler
>> route to take.
> Elizabeth
> I don't know of a way to do this en masse.
> If you should have anything in L10 that is repeated exactly in many
> records (like a state abbreviation, or some type of sort code,
> perhaps) the replace button could be a big help in moving the data to
> another field. I'll be glad to help with instructions if you want them.
> Walt


I appreciate the offer--but everything that's in the field is unique.
For some reason I initially got the impression from others that the
Detail field was best reserved for things other than a street address,
so I put those in the L10 field. Now I've decided that even if some
people use the Detail field for other things, what *I* want to do is use
it for the street address (such as 123 Monroe Avenue). It just means I
have to move things around and modify some of my Sentences. For one
thing, I'm tired of seeing the street address displayed after the
city/state info on the Person View of the Details window, since the
output template apparently doesn't get used there.

Once I get into the Ctrl+X and Ctrl+Y rhythm, I bet it won't take long.


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