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From: "Carol Hall" <>
Subject: [TMG] Some little things
Date: Sun, 04 Apr 2004 07:55:59 -0700

I've noticed some small things that I'm having trouble with and I don't know if they're bugs or features.

I can't get an accent to work with the definition "ID number = 2" (or any other number). I have my accents set to show a blue background for my husband's ancestors and a pink background for mine the conflict color is purple and is for those who are ancestors of both of us. It helps when following a line I'm not really familiar with to be able to pick out the ancestors among their siblings. Besides, I think it's cool that hubby and I have common ancestors and I get a kick out of seeing it. :-) For completeness I wanted to accent my husband's record, mine and our daughter's, but in reverse (black background with colored lettering). I can't get it to work, though. When I use the "ID number =" nothing gets accented at all. I tried it using "Is a descendant of" our parents and that worked, except for our daughter. She gets the same conflict color as ancestors of both of us (purple background with black letters) instead of what I want, which is a black background with purple lette!
rs. It is a minor thing, but I thought I'd mention it.

Something that is a little less minor is the fact that the accents don't show up on the Picklist any more. In TMG4, I could see the accents and it was a major help in finding the person I was looking for.

Also, I find the fact that the cursor doesn't always change to a "waiting" cursor to be disconcerting at times. I'm not sure if it's that the program is slow or my computer is, but it often takes quite a bit of time to switch from one person to another and without the "waiting" cursor, I'm never quite sure if the computer is working or I didn't quite get my double-click correct. I've had times when I've just stared at the computer for several minutes before I realized I needed to do it again. Other times I have done it again, which results in my first person finally showing up and then being taken to another person whose name happened to be under my pointer when the first person showed up. So I have to wait for that second person's record to build and then go back to who I wanted to see in the first place. All of this would be solved if the cursor would change to indicate that, yes, the computer registered my double-click and is now working.

I'll ask again if there is any way to change the structure of the compressed pedigree report. Specifically, I want to change the * in the "ASCII text without soft CR/LF" format to \ and /, the same characters as are used in the "ASCII text" format. (Actually, I'd rather change them to ` and . but I can do a global search-and-replace to do that, as long as there are different characters for males and females.)

Like someone else mentioned, I prefer the term "about" to the term "circa," so I edited the English2 Language file to reflect that. But the change only appears to have any effect on the screen. The reports that I use most -- Compressed Pedigree and Journal -- still say "circa." I haven't checked the rest of the reports to see if they're the same. Have I not set some flag or something to make it take effect?

Carol Hall
Kent WA

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