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Subject: Tip of the Day - VCF charts
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2004 22:27:03 EDT

I wanted an unobtrusive way in my VCF charts to show the continuation of a
family line on a following page, and have settled on ellipses - periods
separated by a space - and then the page number of the continuation page. You can see
how this looks at

It's not a very clear graphic, but you can see on the right side near a
yellow box the ellipsis and the number 2. Below that is a red-sided box with an
ellipsis and the number 3. The yellow boxes are the family line and it is
continued on page 2. The red-sided boxes are not in direct line, but the family
is of particular interest (two US Navy ships named for their descendants) and I
have continued their line on page 3.

To make the ellipsis, I first make a box (using text icon 'A'), drag it to
the correct place, type the ellipsis and number in the box, and then make the
box line transparent so you don't see the box. I use similar boxes for the page
number and - on the lefthand bottom side of the chart -a very small notation
with the VCF file name and date.

I also like the look of cream-colored rather than white paper for charts. I
use Hammermill Cream legal size paper in my DeskJet 842C. It's not inkjet
paper, but works just fine, and I like the softer look of the chart colors and
the paper. My genealogy project is preparing a family notebook (a 4-hole
legal-size binder) for each of my 5 children. I am including VCF charts and
write-ups of each family, highlighting events in their lives. Since I have worked
as a writer most of my life I prefer to compose from scratch rather than using
tmg narrative reports. The VCF charts are bare bones, just the person's name
and ID# (so I can refer to it in my write-up). I find Tahoma 9 italic is easy
to read and you can get several generations on one legal size page in
landscape orientation using the left-to-right option in VCF.

Virginia Blakelock

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