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From: Robert Marshall <>
Subject: Re: census and Linksys router firewall
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2004 18:41:27 -0700
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when you mention router and firewall, are you talking about the built-in
firewall that is INSIDE THE ROUTER, or are you running a different
firewall application too? Also, you mentioned several computers, with
several operating systems. Are ANY of them working at all?

Personally, I have not used a Linksys router, however I've never had any
problems with my SMC router, with a built-in firewall. Additionally,
WinXP has a built-in firewall application.

When you are using the phrase "secondary" sites, do you mean something
like "" If so, you should be able to add
to a list of authorized domains, and it will allow any server name
(i.e.: the xyz in my example) from the site.


> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Subject:
> census and Linksys router firewall
> From:
> Stan Morgan <>
> Date:
> Wed, 07 Apr 2004 19:41:11 -0400
> Has anyone experienced problems with census products and
> a firewall/router? I subscribed to last week and at
> first I thought I was into a gold mine. Then I found it would not
> work through my router firewall.
> When I called for assistance, he said it is my computer
> or router or firewall. He also said that if I was getting the 1900
> census and not the rest of the census, that proved was
> good. This is because my firewall is protecting against all other
> secondary web locations. The 1900 census is the only one actually on
> the location. All the rest are on a second web page I
> know some of the RUG have been able to get Genealogy to work. But
> have you hit the firewall problem.
> Here is my computer setup:
> Pentium 4 with Windows XP home edition. Celeron with Windows Me
> Laptop Pentium 2 with Windows 98
> Linksys Four Port Wireless G Router Switch WRT54G
> I am also using the The Master Genealogist 5.1 and the normal MS
> Office 97.
> If anyone has a suggestion, I would appreciate the help.
> Stan Morgan
> 703 764 0052

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