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From: bob gillis <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Name prefix in Person View
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 17:38:33 -0400
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Lee Hoffman wrote:
> bob gillis wrote:
> >How do I get the Prefix to appear on the Person View? I cannot find how
> >to in either the Users Guide or in Help.
> You must create and use a Name Style that includes the Prefix field. The
> installed default Name Style is the "U.S. Standard" which does not use the
> Prefix field. You can compare that Name Style with the Custom "Royal "
> Name Style as shown on the TMG Tips web site (under the TMGW v5.0 Tips and
> Suggestions page). You will note that the "Royal" Name Style also does not
> appear to use use the Prefix field. It does use the Rank field which is
> the same as the Prefix field with an alias. Study these Name Styles (the
> U.S. Standard Name Style cannot be edited) and create and modify a Custom
> Name Style of your own to suit your needs.

I was confusing Prefix and Title. I have changed one Mrs entered as a
Prefix to Title and the Display os OK.

Questions about Editing Name Styles:

1. When I open the Styles, Name for all data sets the ADD is greyed
out. Why? I have one unlocked and one locked and the view is for the
unlocked data set.

2. Help says: NOTE: If you have selected All data sets or All unlocked
data sets, the Style will be added to the data set for the person who is
the current Subject.

If I have say three unlocked data sets and I want to apply the same name
style to all three, will the ADD button work then?

3. Help says: "If you desire, you can also modify the order in which
the data displays on the Tag Entry screen and (in the case of names) the
way it sorts. Rearrange the order of the fields or delete the ones you
don't want using cut & paste."

I open the Edit Name Style window and 9 Fields with labels show and the
templates. Each template has Title, Given Name, Surname and Suffix.
None of the templates seem to apply to the Tag Entry Screen. I would
love to get Prefix and Presurname out of the Tag Entry Screens. I do
not need or use the Other Name, Sort Surname or Sort Given but as they
are at the end I can ignore them. I can do it in the Add a Person
Screen but not in any other Add Name screen.

bob gillis

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