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From: "Kevin Sholder" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] Format for Repository Address
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 19:02:34 -0400
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Bob and Elsa,

You could create a modified place style, with an output template that only
includes those two fields. Then when you enter the information, you would
still enter all of the address information, but change the place style to
the one that you created.

I've not tested this, but would be a possible solution as I know you can
modify the output templates to read how you want. The only real question is
that the [REPOSITORY ADDRESS] element may not react using the place style
output template you design.

I suggest you try it on the sample database and see if it works.


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Subject: [TMG] Format for Repository Address

We are trying to edit a custom source type. In the Bibliography sentence,
we would like to print a REPOSITORY ADDRESS in the form State. County.
But if we just use [REPOSITORY ADDRESS] in the Bibliography sentence, then
TMG prints out County, State.

We tried something dumb like [REPOSITORY ADDRESS:STATE]. [REPOSITORY
ADDRESS:COUNTY]. But those terms are not recognized by TMG. We also tried
[REPOSITORY ADDRESS:L5] but that didn't work any better -- evidently those
terms only work for event tags.

So, can anyone tell us if there is a way to split out the parts of a Place
in a Source Type definition?


Bob and Elsa Pendleton

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