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From: "Carol Hall" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Bizarre menu behavior
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 21:58:47 -0700
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>I should try uninstalling the PDF and see if I can print reports without
>it now like you can, but I was assuming I had to keep it there
>permanently if I wanted to use PDF in TMG -- I had a horrible time, as
>you know, before installing it. I already have two other PDF printers
>but they weren't recognized when trying to print to PDF in TMG. I don't
>really care if I have another printer driver but now I'm curious if
>things will work if I delete it.

Don't do it on my account! If things are working, leave them the way they are!! :-D

>> I know that Kelly Davis said that installing the printer didn't change
>>the behavior of his/her menus, but I wonder if he/she is running Windows
>>98. (Sorry, Kelly. I'm not sure whether you're a he or a she. :-)

>Actually it's Kerry (RR) and I'm a she! :-D Common mistake, it can be a
>man or woman's name (both Kelly and Kerry). And, yes, I'm also running
>Windows 98.

Sorry 'bout that. Was working from memory. I won't forget again, though.

>>I really think this is an unsolvable mystery. At least if someone else
>>comes along with a similar problem, they'll know they're not alone, even
>>if a fix isn't available.

>You're not alone -- I've got a few of those mysteries now myself!

A friend of mine used to say, "It's all part of life's rich tapestry." I always wanted to slap him for that!! LOL

Carol Hall
Kent WA

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