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Subject: Re: [TMG] Main Project No Longer "Clickable"
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 21:29:41 EDT

Two things you can try:
1 - go into your problem project and delete all the *.CDX files. These are
index files and will be generated next time you open the project.
2 - if that did not help, go to your main TMG folder and delete the REPEAT*.*
files. These are the files which record the info for the F2 or F3 functions
and can be safely deleted.

If neither of these helps, you may need to call or e-mail Support.

Virginia Blakelock

Ruth wrote:
When I try to open my main project, the last individual I worked on opens,
but without first getting the tips. Then I have no buttons to click. I have a
mouse curser which moves but nothing will highlight or click. Rebooting
doesn't help. I can create a new project or open and work on other projects, and I
have restored my main project to a new file and that works fine. So it is
just this one project - was fine last time I used it on 04/04. Since I can't
click I can't do any of the troubleshooting on it.

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