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From: Robin Lamacraft <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Dummy People & Dummy Places (and dummy me)
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 12:21:39 +0930
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At 22:34 10/04/2004 -0400, Laurie wrote:
>Dear Diana and Teresa,
>I recently read with interest your discussion regarding your different uses
>for "Dummy People". Somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind, I remember
>seeing a tips webpage or something about this, perhaps regarding Censuses.
>But now I cannot find it. If either of you remember it and can point me in
>the right direction, I would be grateful.
>I'd also like to ask a couple questions about your methods.
> >From what I gathered from the e-mail exchange:
> Diana uses "dummy people" for Surnames and Localities (Counties?)
> Teresa uses "dummy places" for microfilm rolls for her ToDo tags
>Do you use any others? Was the "book" question that started the discussion
>a "dummy place"?

I use dummy persons that are census enumeration places (e.g surname
+Enumeration Place, given name Mill Cott of Upton Pyne, the + makes these
sort together at the top of the picklist). I make these places witnesses to
the census recording event. Then as in the UK census, I can see on that
dummy person's detail view the family that were recorded at each successive
census. The downside of dummy persons is to work out what to do with
reports that involve them in the output. It would probably be a good idea
to use a custom name style for these dummy persons.

Robin Lamacraft (Adelaide, Australia)

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