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From: "Ronald J. Emery" <>
Subject: Re: Second Request Re: [TMG] Source Numberand Citation Detail in a printout
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 14:13:14 -0500
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Thanks Lee,
Your advice, as always. does help.
I will sit back and reconsider my options for a while.
Thanks again,

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From: "Lee Hoffman" <>
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Sent: Monday, April 12, 2004 1:40 PM
Subject: Re: Second Request Re: [TMG] Source Numberand Citation Detail in a

> Ronald J. Emery wrote:
> >I have approximately 2700 ancestors identified for both my paternal &
> >maternal sides as well as those of my wife.
> >I have quite a number of these for whom I am missing either birth or
> >information.
> >I was contemplating concentrating on research to find the missing info
> >as many as possible.
> >I had the thought of producing a listing which would include only those
> >missing such information.
> >I wanted to show citation information for any information on birth,
> >marriage that I DID have. I felt this would be helpful in pointing me
> >to look.
> >
> >I had initially hoped that I could use a LOE as the base, selecting
> >marriages of the ancestors involved. (I can create a custom flag to
> >people who are ancestors and are missing either birth or death info).
> >That would have the advantage of showing the ancestors in pairs. However,
> >realized that I could not, from the LOE, get to Date/Place of Birth or
> >for Principal1 or Principal2.
> If you filter the List of Events report for:
> ( Tag Type Label Equals Birth OR
> Tag Type Label, Equals, Death ) AND
> <Custom Flag>, Equals, <missing data person setting>
> you can have the report with both birth and death data. Include in the
> OPtions window under the Output Columns:
> Date
> Tag Type Label
> Prin1 Last, Given
> Prin2 Last, Given
> Place
> or some other combination similar to this. You could include the Marriage
> Tag in the filter. Rather than using Tag Type Label, you might prefer to
> filter for Tag Type Group.
> This gives the listing you would want. However, each type of data would
> on a separate line.But you can sort the lines so that it sorts in a
> reasonable way and thus have data for the same person together (except
> where the person is the second Principal of a ta in the case of Marriage
> Tags.
> >My latest thought is to produce 2 listings, one with marriage data (from
> >LOE) and the other with birth and death data (from a LOP). I would
> >the files in CSV format and massage the two files together in Excel.
> >
> >But that still doesn't give me the Souce and Citation data.
> True.
> >While I have the attention of the pro, an other alternative would be to
> >resurrect some work I did a couple of years ago, where I downloaded the
> >File structures and imported the TMG files into my database program and
> >played with the data (I would certainly then have the source and citation
> >data tied to an event#). Even at that time the file specs were at level
> >and I believe I was working on 4.0 and there were differences which I had
> >discover and adjust to. I would ask you if the changes made in file
> >structures to get up to 5.11 make the documentation of the file structure
> >it currently exists(the one that is currently available as a download)
> >totally useless?
> If you are familiar with Visual FoxPro and similar database managers, I
> would not expect you to have a great amount of trouble figuring out what
> the differences between v3.6, v4x, and v5x are. There are a few
> files and changes in the file structure, but if you were able to figure
> differences between v3.6 & v4x, then you probably will not have any great
> difficulty figuring out v5x. If you do have problems in this area, ask
> one of us can probably tell you.
> Hope this helps -
> Lee Hoffman/KY
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