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Subject: Re: [TMG] Alternate parent names
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 15:18:05 EDT

In a message dated 4/13/04 1:48:20 PM Central Daylight Time,
The [PAR] and [PARO] tags print out something like ", son of John Anderson
and Elizabeth Mason," which is okay, but to me looks like those people weren't
married. I prefer something like "son of John and Elizabeth (Mason) Anderson."
The information is the same, but it puts the people together more as a couple,
at least to me.

What would I have to do to set that up?

Carol Hall
Kent WA
While not exactly what you want the easiest way to come close to it would be:

"<, son of [FATH] and his wife [MOTH]>"


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