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From: "Carol Hall" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Alternate parent names
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 14:42:27 -0700
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>There *may* be a way using roles, Name-var, and witnesses but since I
>use witness too much I'm not sure how. This is one of those cases where it
>would be ideal if the ID number could be used as a variable with the
>addition of
>F,M, or L to get the First Middle or last name- then you use "<,son of
>[ID#23724] and his wife [ID#18647F]>".

That would be great! Then I could use:

son of [ID#1234G] and [ID#1235G] ([ID#1235L]) [ID#1234L]

assuming that "G" would result in the given name and L would result in the surname. Of course, I'd have to make the sentence for every marriage. Better still would be:

son of [FATHG] and [MOTHG] ([MOTHL]) [FATHL]

You can use G and F for "given" or "first word of given" name for the Principals in an event. It doesn't appear that you can for the FATH or MOTH or that the surname is accessible through a variable.

I know that all this information is in the database. It's just getting the program to pull it out. :-)

Carol Hall
Kent WA

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