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From: "Carol Hall" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Tip of the Day - Source Elements and Source Element Groups
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 09:37:27 -0700
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Wow! I sure got quick answers! :-) Now I understand. And I agree with Terry that the labels are confusing. Now that I know not to think of them as individual elements, I can work with them better. (Personally, I'd rather they had stuck with the "groups" as elements and dispensed with the confusing labels. But that's just me. :-)

I have pretty much given up using the templates as they stand, though, or even creating custom templates. What I do is just put most of the source data right into the "Output form" fields. I use the element groups for a few things, because I think they might be needed for alphabetizing the author names in the bibliography and I found out you have to use the elements in order to get the < and > around a URL. But mostly I set them up individually. They print out just fine that way. I don't know what it would do to the source definition in a GEDCOM, but I don't intend to export a GEDCOM, so it doesn't matter.

Still, it's nice to get information about the program and understand the reasoning behind things.

Thanks much!!

Carol Hall
Kent WA

Lee Hoffman wrote:
>A Source Element is really just an alias for Source Element Group to which
>it is assigned. And since there may only be one instance of a Source
>Element Group in a Source Template, then only one Source Element of that
>Source Element Group may be used.

Jim Bryam wrote:
>The reason is that you are not really using source elements in the
>templates. You are really using source element groups. The source elements
>are really just synonyms for the source element groups. The point of source
>elements is to make the labels on the General tab more readable by making
>the labels used appropriate for the data being entered.

>Put another way... If you used a source element group twice in a template,
>how would you know which data that was entered on the General tab went into
>which position in the template?

Terry Riegal wrote:
>In my opinion the labels "Source Elements" and "Source Element Groups"
>add to the confusion here. The logic make sense once you get past the
>labels. <g>
>While each "Source Element Group" may have several labels (that is,
>aliases, or "Source Elements") there is still only one place to put
>the data for that "Group." Therefore you can only use one of the
>labels ("Source Elements") for the "Group" in any one source

Teresa Ghee Elliott wrote:
>I might add, that once I got over having to use the "labels" provided for me
>and began to customize those for my use, source editing got much easier. It
>takes a while to figure out where to put your custom label, but once you do,
>I think it makes it easier on you, not harder.

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