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From: "Alain Van Wayenberge" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] Relationships
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 08:57:52 +0200
In-Reply-To: <20044221976.472248@Terry3>

Hi Terry, thanks for your answer.
After some optimizing and VFIing, my problem seems partially solved. The
Father-Dau-Bio that appeared in the tag Entry screen has ben replaced by
the normal Father-Bio or Mother-Bio.
But my whole list of tags seems to have been corrupted by the update to
I have the same standard tags repeated three times, other tags have been
created 4 or 5 times with the name 'enfant' in French, and other tags I
used frequently have simply disappeared.
You must know that I work in two different languages, English and
French, because I have two different sides in the family.
Here is the list of tags that appears in the French language version :

Mere(Autre)mere Adoptive
Mère biologique
Parent adopt.
Parent adoptif
Parent bapt.
Parent biolog.
Pere adoptif
Pere biologique

When Itry to delete them, I see that most of them are standard tags and
so can't be deleted.
I'm trying to solve the problem in giving to all those tags the same
names and definitions in both languages so that they would be suppressed
by the optimizing, but without success until now.

Alain Van Wayenberge
Bossut-Gottechain - Belgique
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> Subject: Re: [TMG] Relationships
> On Thu, 22 Apr 2004 21:32:44 +0200, Alain Van Wayenberge wrote:
> > My father had three children, a daughter and two boys.
> > When I look at his person record, the three children
> > appear next to the tags
> > - Dau-Bio
> > - Son- Bio
> > - Son-Bio
> > But when I double-click the tags to see the Tag Entry
> > window, all three tag Types are Father-Dau-Bio.
> > If I want to correct that in Father-Son-Bio for the two
> > boys, I can't even find those tags in the list. Is that
> > normal, and if not, how can I correct it?
> Two points -- first, where are you seeing "Father-Dau-Bio"? When I
> open the relationship tags for the children in the parent's Detail
> view, all I see are "Father-Bio" and "Mother-Bio."
> In any case, you don't control them directly, because all parent/child
> relationship tags are actually of the same type. The Father - Mother -
> Parent and Son - Daughter - Child labels just change depending on the
> setting of the Sex flag of the parent and child.
> Terry Reigel
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