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From: "ggrpvc" <>
Subject: RE: Problem with Reports to Excel [TMG]
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 14:38:29 -0400
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Seems to be a problem with a filtered group. I did a distribution of people
report and it came out fine. I did a list of all events (59594 events!) and
it worked flawlessly (although only printing the first 16884 -- I think that
is an Excel problem). I used a filtered group (list of ancestors or
descendants of 1:1, then add spouses and children) and that hung up.
"Invalid subscript entry." I don't know whether or not this small glitch
has anything to do with it, but the Project Explorer shows a few of the
names with only the ID number. The name is correctly alphabetized, but no
name shows! However, when you open the relevant tag (normally a Name-
Variation)and then close it, the PE "wake up" and puts the name in the
correct spot. So far this has only happened to a few names. I don't think
1:1 was one of those odd PE citations.

Any ideas?


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From: Jim Byram [mailto:]
Sent: Friday, April 23, 2004 12:30 PM
Subject: Re: Problem with Reports to Excel [TMG]

Gary Rolph wrote:

> I have begun having problems when trying to export my data onto Excel
> spreadsheets. I created a filter (with about 5,000 names) and the report
> writer works until it comes up with "Invalid Subscript reference."

I can't replicate that and need more information. You're going to need to
pin down the issue to more specific conditions.

What's the filter? Try unfiltered output.

Is this specific to Excel output? Try other output selections.


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