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From: Kerry Davis <>
Subject: Sources & Citations with 2 or more Datasets
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 18:17:16 -0700

I'm sure this is an elementary question, but I now see that you cannot
use the same sources or citations with each dataset in your project,
that each has to have its own set of sources and citations. I intend to
merge my datasets at some point -- each set uses many of the same
sources and citations. I assume I have to rewrite or redo them for each
dataset I want to use them with, is that correct? I already found I
couldn't copy or change the number (I tried making a copy of source 1:15
and then changing it to 2:6 -- that doesn't work!) I figure that you
would want to have them be exact copies (in some cases anyway) so when
you merge datasets you can then merge the sources -- is that correct?
And same with citations? Mine are all custom and I'm just learning how
to do them and some are rather "creative" which may foul me up at some
point if I don't make exact copies. Arrrgh! Is there an easy way to do


Kerry Davis
Kentfield, California

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