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Subject: Re: [TMG] Previously Viewed Person, Etc.
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 13:13:57 EDT

There is a known problem with the picklist and that problem has been
reported. However, you seem to be having problems unrelated to the picklist. Are you
saying that the curved arrow on the toolbar (or Ctrl-L) does not return you
to the previously viewed person? And that while in the Details window, you
cannot click on the Father, Mother, children, or siblings to change focus to
them? Those features all work fine for me. Are you using the Person, Tree, or
Family view when you have these problems?


Mary Evans wrote:
If the option to get this "jump" feature working correctly is to use the
simple picklist, then there IS a problem with TMG. You shouldn't have to do
that in order to get the button for previously viewed person--or clicking on
a name for either parent, or for selecting children or siblings from the
appropriate windows--to move the correct individual. These features should
work and work properly. Currently they are not doing so and I've not seen
any reports on this list that it is a bug and that WG is working to fix it,
or even that it has been reported.

Beta testers, where are you on this problem? It's the pits not being able
to just click on a name and go to that individual but to have TMG take you
to some random person with the same last name.

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