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From: David Ward <>
Subject: List of people report - HELP
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 21:42:55 +0200

In June I'm due to go to London and South West England to spend amongst
other things time in various genealogy archives.

In connection with this I have made a custom tag - Censearch - which I have
put alongside everyone who was living during the censuses of
1841/51/61/71/81/91 and 1901.

The crude sentence reads: [P] and [PO] have not yet been found of the
census [D] thought to be living [L].

From this I'm trying very unsuccessfully to make a list of people
report,whereby the year is primary ie 1861 or 1891 etc which then gives me
all the people with this tag attached for that year.

Is this possible ? am I using the right type of report? I have tried
different combinations but nothing seems to come out the way I want it

Can someone please let me know what I should be doing here.
I'm using 5.11.

My thanks and in hope.

Utrecht Holland

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