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From: Bill Taylor <>
Subject: WISH LIST
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 20:12:16 -0400

Placement of windows within the TMG window should be calculated dependent upon
the upper-left corner being 0,0 and the lower-right corner being the maximum
as determined by the USER. All 'opening' windows should then be calculated on
those maximums. Opening a report places the window centered at times outside
the limits of the visible window. I noticed that there is an option under the
Windows menu which centers the current window. BUT, if the window is outside
the visibility of the user, it is possible that this correction will NEVER be
thought of. When opening a window with a x,y within a frame of HORmin,VERmin
HORmax,VERmax would keep the windows at least visible.

I have an earlier request for help based upon the window opening outside the
visible area. When the window opens most of the menu items are grayed out. Not
knowing that the window might be outside the visible range of the parent
window caused me to think that the menu grayout under earlier versions back.

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