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From: "Jim Byram" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Spouses even though no marriage shown?
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 09:34:28 -0400
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Lloyd Gledhill wrote:

> I have just installed TMG and imported my file from Generations into TMG.
> Am I right in concluding that the hundreds of person whom I regard as
> spouses are not classified as such in TMG unless they have the Marriage
> This seems to be the case because when I click the button in a Focus Group
> to add spouses the only names added are those which have a Marriage tag.
> What is the quickest/best way of classifying the father and mother shown
> for a person as spouses?

A Marriage tag is created on import from Generations only when the
Generations database has data for a marriage -- a date, place, citation or
the Married flag being set.

As John said, you can use TMG5 Utility to add Marriage tags to those couples
who have children but no Marriage tags.

This leaves those couples who had no data to support a marriage in
Generations and who have no children. Those need to be dealt with by hand.
You can generate a list in Generations and a list in TMG to compare and
determine those couples who need to have a Marriage tag added.


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