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Subject: Re: [TMG] V5.15 Bug - Preferences Font Size
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 08:25:38 EDT

I can replicate this, Glen, but was able to get out of it two ways: one was
by resetting the Preference defaults - which you said did not work for you.
Testing again, I changed the list font from Tahoma 8 to Verdana 10 min and max,
still got that error message - clicked Cancel at the bottom, exited and
reopened the program and it was ok - and had reverted to Tahoma 8. You might
check the list font size in app.ini (in your main tmg folder) and see what it says

Virginia B.

Glen wrote:
>Just for "the fun of it" today, I was playing around with some of the other
available backgrounds for the program, and adjusting the minimum and maximum
font size to see what the screen looked like.

I set the minimum font size to 6pt - it had been 8pt - and that seems to have
caused a problem with the "Preferences" part of the program.

Even though I went back and reset the minimum font size to 8pt - and have
since tried other sizes, I am no longer to make ANY adjustments to the
Preferences program. No matter what I do in any function - not just the font size. I
keep getting a dialog box telling me that font size less than 6pt is not

I've tried resetting to the original defaults, and also restoring a previous
backup of the program, but the "Preferences" menu no longer seems functional.

What's really annoying is that the program actually let me set the font size
to 6points - even though it told me it wasn't allowed, but now I can't do
anything to increase the font size - or change anything else in Preferences.

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