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From: "Sydney Delfs" <>
Subject: Fw: Handhelds what's nag screen???
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2004 11:00:48 -0700

What is a nag screen? And, which program- GedStar or GedStar Pro has it?

I agree that direct data entry wouldn't be that important. I consistently
enter data on my desk top and then update my laptop to keep them in sync,
and would like to have the handheld to use as a portable file cabinet on the
road. Joe- since you have both programs, and think they each have their
strengths & weaknesses, which do you really prefer?

I am also trying to decide which way to go, & will go back & reread postings
in the archives.

Thanks for the input-
Sydney Delfs

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From: "Joe Makowiec" <>
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Sent: Friday, August 27, 2004 2:19 AM
Subject: RE: [TMG] Hand-held computers

> At 09:23 PM 8-26-2004 -0400, Jill Morelli wrote:
> >I use GedStar Pro. I, too, really like it. It does not allow direct
> >entry which I believe is not a negative as I gather the data in the
> >take it home, analyze it and enter it into the main database. The only
> >thing my laptop can do that my Palm can't is to do filters. So I set up
> >filters I most likely will need, do a hard copy report and take the Palm.
> Another GedStar user here - I have both GedStar+ and GedStar Pro. Each
> its strengths and weaknesses; there are trial versions, so you can try
> before you have to decide. I think that the only difference is a nag
> screen. The GedStar line uses Genbridge, so you don't have to create
> intermediary GEDCOM files.
> You can have multiple databases, so you can filter in TMG, create a new
> data set, and put that on the Palm OS device. I did that recently with
> something like 'Any event state = Nova Scotia ' and add spouses, ancestors
> for 1 generation, descendants for 1 generation. It beats making paper
> copies, because the paper copy isn't searchable.
> Joe
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