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From: "Stuart Armstrong" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Tmg on celeron
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 18:36:59 -0600
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Earlier I commented that my Celeron runs TMG fast. I was mistaken. My _Centrino_ runs TMG fast. The processor is quite capable, and it clocks down when not in demand to save battery.

I used to seldom run on battery, because battery time was so limited. But now that the battery time (nearly 5 hours typical) is reasonable, I have found many uses for autonomy. Add a Verizon card and GPS and oh what a toy!

I'm running 512MB RAM, but insisted on 1 Ram chip so the remaining slot will allow me to upgrade to 1GB Ram later. So far, I haven't felt the need, even with a large database and running several applications at once.

Take a look at your screen size, too. TMG needs a lot of screen real estate if you want to see everything at once, so a resolution of say 1400 X 1050 is very handy.

Stuart Armstrong
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Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 2004 10:16 AM
Subject: RE: [TMG] Tmg on celeron

Make sure you understand the difference between the Centrino and the
Celeron. The Intel Centrino processor is made just for laptops, conserving
battery life, etc, but while the processor clock is less then a Pentium 4,
its internal structure and operations should make it very close in
preformance when compared to a Pentium 4.

For my money, any of the later versions of the Centrino (with built in
802.11g) or Pentium 4 Mobile processors should make great laptops.

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