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Subject: Re: [TMG] Reinstalling TMG 5.15
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 22:43:19 EST

Tom wrote:
>When I try to open my project I get a message that says "An error happened
when opening the data tables" and then the TMG program shuts down. Its OK if
I open the "Sample" project but shuts down every time I try to open my
I also tried to open the program by trying to open from my backup but then I
get the message "Cannot find LIBS\FOXTOOLS.FLL. Please Reinstall TMG.<
As Eric said, you must Restore your project backup from the File menu. You
cannot Open the backup .sqz file ( it is a compressed file, similar to a zip
file ).

If you are comfortable working with files and folders in Windows Explorer,
there are a couple of things you can try which may allow you to open your
problem project:

Being sure that tmg5 is not running(!):

1. Delete the *.CDX files (only the .CDX files!) in your problem Project.
These are index files and will be re-generated when the project opens.

2. Delete the REPEAT*.* files (only the REPEAT files!) in your main tmg5
program folder. These files will also be re-generated when you open the project.

If you're concerned about deleting files in your primary project, you could
copy the project files to another folder in Windows Explorer and delete the CDX
files in the copy (still have to delete the REPEAT files in the main tmg
folder though). Then when you open the Sample project, go to Open Project, browse
to the copy and see if the project opens.

If this fails, I suggest you post the problem on the Wholly Genes Forum where
Tech Support will see it.

Let us know if you get it working -

Virginia Blakelock

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