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From: Lee Hoffman <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Methods-Language: Using Language as a formatting tool?
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005 13:37:08 -0500
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Linda K wrote:
> Okay, okay. <VBG> I've heard of Teresa's Tabular language and think I
>have a very rough idea of what it is. But I have a real mental block
>trying to imagine how creating a new language could produce output
>anything like what I described (expanded below to add other elements):
>1. JOHN JONES, Atty. (Montgomery co., KY, 1855), b. VA, 1834; m. (1)
>Lexington, VA, 1854, SALLY SMITH, d/o Samuel and Susanna (CARPENTER)
>SMITH, d. Mt. Sterling, KY, 24 Jul 1879; m. (2) Mt. Sterling, 18 Apr
>1883, JANE DOE, wid. of Alfred ASHBY; d. Mt. Sterling, 9 Jun 1885, bur.
>Machpelah Cem. U.S. CENSUS: Mt. Sterling, KY, 1860-1880. TAX ROLLS: Mt.
>Sterling, 1871-1879. EDUCATION: Washington College, Lexington, VA, 1850,
>1853. Children by (1):
> + 2 i. James, b. 1856; m. Rhonda Rhodes
> ii. Sarah; d.y.
> + 3 iii. Isaac, b. 1861; m. Elizabeth Edwards
>2. JAMES JONES, b. Lexington, VA, 6 Sep 1856; m. Rhonda RHODES ....
> If this can be done, please tell me how!!! PLEASE!!! <G>

First, create the Language as follow:
-- Select File=>Language=>Customize... from the Main Menu
-- In the Languages window, click on the [Add] button
-- Enter the name of the new Language, I used Compact.
-- Click on the [Close] button to close the window.

The Custom Compact Language has been created. By default, it uses the
English Language until you enter a translation either in the Language
itself (via the [Edit] key) or in Tag/Witness Sentences. Most (if not all)
of what you want will be in Sentences, so you probably will not need to do
any editing in the Language itself.

Second, you need to go to the various Tags and create/edit the Sentences
for each Role that you plan to use with the new Language.

For example, for the Occupation Tag, you would enter the Master Tag Type
List and proceed as follows:
-- Highlight the Occupation Tag, and click the [Edit] button.
-- When the Tag Type Definition Screen display, click on the
Roles and Sentence tab.
-- Select the new Language at the top of the window.
-- Select (highlight) the Role to be used in the Language.
-- Go to the Male sentence structure field and enter the desired
[M] ([L], [D])
-- Continue selecting Roles for the current Tag and entering
-- When finished, click on the [OK] button to save the changes and
close the window.
-- Continue with the next Tag as desired.

Say you continue with the Birth Tag, the Sentence for it might be:
b. [L], [D]
For the Marriage Tag, you might use:
m. [L], [D], [PO] [PARO]

Note, these are designed for used with the Principal Role and other Roles
may differ depending on the Tag and the Role. Also, I have not planned on
any of these Sentences having Conditional Markers.

Note that, in the case of multiple marriage, the "marriage number" is not
shown using the above Marriage Sentence. But you could create a number of
Roles that would include the marriage number within the Sentence, such as:
m. (1) [L], [D], [PO] [PARO]
Then you would select the appropriate Role depending on the marriage. You
would also want other Roles for the spouse as well since the marriage
number for the spouse would likely be different.

Once you have the Sentences defined for the new Language for the needed
Tags, you would generate the desired report. In the Report Definition
Screen=>Options window, select the new Language before you run the report.

Depending on a number of factors (including Tag Dates and Tag Sort Dates,
you may need to re-arrange the order of the "sentences" in the report. You
would also want to replace most of the periods at the end of the
"sentences" to commas. Finally, depending on the redundancy of Tags
(multiple Census, Tax Roll, etc. Tags), you may wish to group them
together. One way to do this is add a Tag that has the dates in a range,
and Exclude the Sentences for the individual Tags.

Finally, you will note that any Tags/Roles for which you forgot to create a
new Language Sentence will simply print the English Sentence. This, then
could be used as a reminder to add the new Language Sentence to that Role
and/or Tag.

Hope this helps -

Lee Hoffman/KY
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