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From: "Betty" <>
Subject: Centering Images
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 17:50:49 -0500
References: <> <003501c51474$567dbd10$23c0fea9@michaeldell>

Now that I am finally retired and can spend more time on this, I have
figured out that if I create a Tombstone-Img tag within the Burial tags, and
make the sentence, [CR:][CR:]space space, the photo of the tombstone will
appear just before the burial sentence of a Journal Report. (Be sure to
enter the sort date as before [burial date]) This does away with all the
problems caused by entering the photo as part of the tag. (punctuation,
etc.) By including image tags in each of the special groups, Birth,
Marriage, Death, Burial, and sorting them as just before the date on the
actual tag, the photos show up just before the propert sentence, making more
sense than anything I have come up with before. Can't believe I was that
dense for so long.

Only one thing still bothers me. Is it possible to center the photo on the
page when creating the report, without going to each photo after the report
is created? I would like it to appear as the individual primary image shows
for each individual.

Betty Frain

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