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Subject: Re: [TMG] Here it is again!!
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 17:52:17 EST

Steinar wrote:
>I have never seen any screen shot never any place how to do - Can you show
me where?<
First, make sure you are in the Advanced (Avansert) mode of Data Entry
(Dataregistreringmodus) in Preferences (Innstillinger) - not Beginners mode. You
have to be in Advanced mode to use witnesses, roles and sentences. You should
also be using Norwegian (Norse-Bokmal) - not Norwegian(2) (Nynorsk). I don't
see any sentences in Norwegian (2).

To add a new role to say the Address tag:
In English:
Menu: Tools > Master Tag Type List > Address > Edit > Roles and Sentences >
Role: New (button at bottom) > Name of new role.

In Norwegian:
Verktoy > Hendelsestypeliste >Addresse> Rediger > Roller og setninger > Ny >
Namn pa ny rolle:

Hope this helps -

Virginia B.

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