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From: "Nicholette Hart" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] Why are local sentences bad?
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2005 02:17:37 +1200
In-Reply-To: <20054493529.797585@Terry3>

Hi Terry

One reason is to make use of new features.

With the arrival of WMs I want to change all my census info not just for
output (which isn't my main concern yet) but for better structure and
analysis as well.

I have censii from different countries as well as years, and would like to
ensure I get all tags, that is including local sentences and allow for why I
changed to a local sentence in the first place


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From: Terry Reigel [mailto:]

I, too, find this an interesting argument. We don't like local
sentences because they are hard to find? Doesn't this beg the question
of why you would want to? What difference does it make if they are
easy or hard to find if you never want to find them? I've been using
local sentences with abandon for years, and have never once wanted to
find one.

I create or change local sentences when I see that the resulting
narrative can be improved. Should I subsequently find I want to change
to sentence for the tag type to be more like some local sentences I've
created, why would I want to go back and revise what I've already

But more importantly, I seldom change sentences for tag types because
I don't want to mess up hundreds of narratives that I've already
reviewed and found to work well. To me, the issue would be to never
change sentences in tag types because it's too hard to find and review
all the narratives that are impacted. Changing them locally avoids all
that trouble.

Good that we can all do it our own way. <g>

Terry Reigel

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