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From: "Jim Byram" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Copying Embeded Sources
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 21:26:03 -0400
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Joe Grant wrote:

>I have a dataset that has a number of embeded sources. When I create as
> subset of this dataset as a new dataset the source list does not include
> the embedded sources in the original file. The sources are only used
> embedded in a memo. Is there any way that I can get these sources in
> the new dataset. I am using Second Site to form a webpage and I get
> errors that the source is not found, and indeed the source is not in the
> dataset generated from a people list.

There are a couple of different issues here.

First, there is a fundamental problem in v6.0 with citations/sources when
creating a new project using the List of People secondary output. This issue
is discussed here:

Second, there might be a basic issue involving sources cited only in
embedded citations being copied as you describe above and, at the moment, I
don't see a way around the issue. Need to run a test.

I would do the following...

1) Add a new data set in your project and select 'Master Source List,
categories, templates and elements to get all sources to the new data set.
2) Copy the selected individuals to the new data set.
3) Copy the project to a new project.
4) Delete all data sets except the one that you just created.

That should accomplish what you want to do and might be the only way to do


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