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From: Pam <>
Subject: OT: Computer Question
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 17:59:56 -0400
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Sorry for the off topic question but I have a pretty big computer problem
and I'm hoping someone from the list with more knowledge than I can
help. I came home from a 2-week trip to Salt Lake City to a computer with
a dead motherboard (that'll teach me to leave my hubby alone w/my computer<g>).

I've ordered a new one and I'm pretty up to date with backups but there are
a few things I want to get off the old C drive. I was planning to just
move the jumper to slave and install it as a second hard drive in the new
computer until I get the files I need. I was then going to remove it and
put the second drive in my old computer into the new one. Since both
drives from the old computer are formatted and have data on them, I'm
assuming I can just put them in and the computer will recognize them? Both
computers are Pentium 4s and have/will have WinXP Home installed. Is there
anything I need to be aware of that might pose a problem? Both old drives
are Western Digital and since the new computer is from the same
manufacturer (Dell) I'm guessing the new drive will also be WD. I know
some brands used to be incompatible with one another but I'm hoping these
will all be the same brand. I appreciate any suggestions I may have not
thought of.



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