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From: "Teresa Elliott" <>
Subject: Using languages to get rid of that sentence. :)
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 14:29:40 -0500

I've been playing with this for DeAnne.

Well, I tested this and I think I have found an easy way for you to get rid
of this sentence that won't involve you needing to do anything but know how
to edit the language file.

First go to FILE>LANGUAGE, and select CUSTOMIZE. We are going to edit
ENGLISH2. Once in the ENGLISH2 edit window, type very fast THERE and wait.
It takes a while to find the right place. Once you are on THERE, scroll down
to where it says There were no children of %##%. Type in what you'd rather
have print. I haven't figure out how to get rid of the sentence altogether,
but you can change it to: "There are children of %##%, I just haven't
researched further." or something similar.

Now when you run the JOURNAL REPORT, make sure it uses ENGLISH2. For the
rest of your work you will use ENGLISH1. When you update, you will need to
change this sentence again, so be sure and save your notes on how you did

You don't need to use ENGLISH2 for anything unless you don't want this
particular sentence, then you will need to use ENGLISH2. It will use your
ENGLISH defaults for every other sentence.

I wasn't able to just get rid of the sentence, but I was able to change it
to just about anything else I wanted and finally came up with "I haven't
researched this line any further." Not pretty, but at least it is true. <G>
There are several such sentences in the language file that you can edit to
read differently if you don't like them, just remember to use ENGLISH2 for
the report if you want it to use your new sentences. And if you don't like
the results, just use ENGLISH1 and you are safe.

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