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From: "Teresa Elliott" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] Using languages to get rid of that sentence. :)
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 15:35:12 -0500
In-Reply-To: <2005725161452.297543@Terry3>

Good points Terry. Since I never localize sentences, I forget about the
problems that can create. <G> When you do update the tutorial, you might
want to add that one can change this sentence using the language feature,
under certain circumstances. It would be nice if TMG had a code that could
be used when a language doesn't want to use a sentence or phrase at all. (I
have other instances where I have needed this, and I just put in DO NOT USE)

I have been using the language feature a lot to customize TMG. Most of what
I have done isn't necessary, I just like it, and is way beyond the basic
users needs. But it's fun to play with it as long as you know that you have
to be careful. Changing a phrase to something totally different may read
right in one place and totally off in another place. Plus you have to
remember not to tell someone to look at the CREATE A TAG window, when TMG
calls it the CUSTOM window. <G>

Teresa Ghee Elliott All links start with and then add

Rutherford Co., TN cemeteries: see above

TMG sentence structures: /TMG.html

Descendants of James Edde of Bedford County, TN /EDDE/index.htm

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From: Terry Reigel [mailto:]
Sent: Monday, July 25, 2005 3:15 PM
Subject: Re: [TMG] Using languages to get rid of that sentence. :)

On Mon, 25 Jul 2005 14:29:40 -0500, Teresa Elliott wrote:

> Well, I tested this and I think I have found an easy way
> for you to get rid of this sentence that won't involve
> you needing to do anything but know how to edit the
> language file.

I'm afraid it's not quite that easy. :(

> First go to FILE>LANGUAGE, and select CUSTOMIZE.

Note that if you didn't install the language module when you installed
TMG, there will be no languages to customize. By default, the language
module is not installed, so unless you changed the default during
installation you will be unable to follow the rest of this.

If you don't have the language module installed, you can re-install
TMG, and this time check only the Language option for installation.
Have your unlock code handy, as I believe you will need to unlock TMG
again after this.

> We are
> going to edit ENGLISH2. Once in the ENGLISH2 edit window,
> type very fast THERE and wait. It takes a while to find
> the right place. Once you are on THERE, scroll down to
> where it says There were no children of %##%. Type in
> what you'd rather have print. I haven't figure out how
> to get rid of the sentence altogether...

No, I don't believe you can get rid of it altogether.

> ... but you can change
> it to: "There are children of %##%, I just haven't
> researched further." or something similar.

Note that whatever phrase you use will be applied to both those who
had children that you didn't record and to those that actually didn't
have children. So it has to be written cleverly enough to apply in
both situations.

> Now when you run the JOURNAL REPORT, make sure it uses
> ENGLISH2. For the rest of your work you will use

No, you can't do this if you every customize sentences locally, that
is in individual tags. If you customize sentences locally in
English(US) then run the report in English2, none of your local
sentences will be used. Instead, the default English(US) sentences
will be used (assuming you don't define any default sentences in
English2; if you do, they will be used).

> When you update, you will need to change this
> sentence again, so be sure and save your notes on how you
> did it.

Or, Export English2 before the update, and then Import it again after
the update.

> You don't need to use ENGLISH2 for anything unless you
> don't want this particular sentence, then you will need
> to use ENGLISH2. It will use your ENGLISH defaults for
> every other sentence.

For the reasons stated above you can't do this if you ever create
local sentences. Local sentences are the key to high quality narrative
output, in my opinion (some will differ), and should not be given up

The language feature is a powerful tool for getting the exact output
you want, but it needs to be used with some thought. There is more on
it in my article on Languages, at though I'm afraid it's not
totally up to date - I'm working on an update.

Terry Reigel

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