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From: Dennis Lee Bieber <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] 6.02 and screen layout
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2005 12:58:38 -0700
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On or about 8/12/2005 11:44 AM a carrier pigeon from
>I'm at work right now but will be glad to send you some screenshots
>after I get home. It happens with every single popup I've gotten
>from warning me of irregular dates to asking if I want to create a
>backup before closing the program. I can just barely click on the
>"Yes" button without moving the popup but if I need to click "No" or
>"Cancel" or read the entire message, the popup has to be moved each time.

I just loaded TMG... I can confirm this problem on mine
also. Even worse -- I MUST move the pop-up to hit anything (okay, in
most cases the "yes" button is the default, and you can activate it
with a carriage return).

The centering of the pop-ups is not taking into account the
user set WINDOW SIZE. If I change my settings to run in a Maximized
window, the pop-ups are centered -- but I NEVER run anything in
"maximized" windows.

My monitor is running 1600x1200, and TMG is sized (give or
take a few) 1000x700.

The pop-up display offsets are being centered for a screen
of 1600x1200, but are being displayed relative to the TMG window.
That means the center of the pop-up is being positioned at 800x600
from the top left of the TMG window -- or, for my screen, only 100
pixels up from the bottom and 200 pixels left from the right edge of
the TMG application window.

Hmmm, let me modify that... I looks like pop-up is not
vertically centered -- rather the TOP of the pop-up is positioned 100
pixels up (in my window). This would imply that a full-screen window
will have the TOP located at screen center, with the body just below.

It doesn't matter where you position the TMG window, since
the display is relative to the window, while the computation is
relative to the screen. The only work-around that I can see is to
change TMG to run full screen (or, at least, large enough that the
pop-ups are still inside the TMG borders -- for me, setting TMG to a
1200x900 might catch 90% of the pop-ups.

Definitely a programming flaw that SHOULD have been caught
during pre-release testing -- but I suspect all the testers are
running full-screen, rather than in large (high-resolution) monitors
with applications sized to take up ~2/3 of the display.

The positions of the "forms" is saved in the app.ini, but I
don't see the message pop-ups in that list...

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