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From: "Kathy Tabb" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Ages
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 10:11:15 -0400
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I got interested in the family roots in the mid 80s while
cleaning out my deceased uncle's attic to ready the house for
sale. My cousin, who lived in another state, had invited me to do
this because if I didn't want anything he was going to have it
all put on the curb for the garbage pickup. Whoa! I rushed over
there and spent days going thru boxes of junk. At one point,
there was a very tall box, maybe 3.5 feet high. Opened it up and
felt around and found lots of old draperies and bedspreads. But
at the very bottom of the box, I felt something hard. Pulled it
up and there was the old Family Bible from the mid 1800s. No one
even knew it existed! Full of names and dates, and hair
clippings, flower petals, etc. What a gold mine! Then I found
several old photos -- no names of course --- and pages from an
old album that had various newspaper wedding and obituary columns
pasted into it. I've been hooked on finding out more about the
family history ever since. I am now 63 and no one else in the
family is even mildly interested (except for the same cousin
mentioned above, who is now in his 80s and is now interested in
our history). They all turn and run when they see me headed
toward discussing family history. I hope to get all the history
and various family lines onto a CD someday, but whenever I think
about starting it, I get all hung up in where to start because I
continue to find new ancestoral lines to include.

I wish someone would write a book or article (Lee? Terry? John?
Dennis? Bob? Myrnice?) on how to get started on publishing the
family history. What kinds of reports, or combinations of
reports, should be used? How to connect the various family lines
so as not to repeat information? Does Second Site do this? But if
I do a Second Site publication, how do I then print it so that
photos aren't split between printed pages? Is there a way to
format Second Site pages so they can print to 8.5 x 11 sheets?
Not everyone has a computer in my family so even if I could
interest them, they wouldn't be able to get it from a CD. If
someone has already done a how-to, would you let me know where to
get a copy?

Thanks for this discussion topic, it's been fun reading how we
all got started, our ages, etc.

Kathy Tabb

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