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From: "Anita A. Reid" <>
Subject: RE: Re: [TMG] Ages
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 15:37:31 -0500
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O.K. DeAnna, I played the flute.<g>
I tried to steer my son toward percussion, those drummers always seemed to
have more fun. In fact, I married one!
The son is still drumming at Univ. of WI-Madison, the party school, learning
'Elvish' [yes that was a class], & majoring in.... History!
Back to record clean-up.

Eau Claire, Wisc.

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> Subject: RE: Re: [TMG] Ages
> I did, in fact, go to band camp one year. The stories are not
> exaggerated.
> (I want it noted for the record, though, that I was NOT a
> flautist, and hope you can hear my horribly punnish innuendo.
> <even eviler grin>)
> The next year I opted for debate camp instead. That wasn't
> much better -- at least not morally superior -- but it was
> hella more fun. I was a research geek from an early age ... *chuckles*
> D-

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