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From: "Jerry Jordan" <>
Subject: RE: Ages
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 23:27:36 -0500

I've just caught up reading this thread. I just turned 61 this past
week and have been doing genealogy since I was 32. My Dad retired that
year and since he was always telling us stories about the family I
bought him a "how-to" book on genealogy. I thought it would help fill
his days (he could only go golfing so much). Well, he surprised me and
said he was very interested but he would rather I do it instead of him.
Now, I had five children at home, ages 5 to 15, but if that was what my
Daddy wanted that was what I would do. My youngest child had started
kindergarten (half days only) so time was precious, but I loved it from
the very first. The highlight of my days was going to the mailbox to
see who had answered what letter, and of course the weekly visits to the
library and local National Archives center.

I became side tracted in mid 80's when I started doing research for
other people and then got started on the Cherokee by Blood books. I've
just now started working on my own families again.

I've read with interest the thoughts about preserving this precious
amount of information we have all accumulated. Someone mentioned that
putting the info on CD's may be obsolete in just a few years. Sadly
that is very true. I've lost a lot of genealogical data input through
various computer upgrades (I still have my paper notes though).

I have a grandson who is a computer whiz. I think I will ask him to
keep my info in whatever format he chooses and to update it to the
newest technology as it comes along.

We should all start a blog web ring somewhere on our experiences of
tracing our families.

Jerry Sue (Wright) Jordan

Jerry Wright Jordan (aka Susie)
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