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From: Bruce W Fairhall <>
Subject: Married and Other Names
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 11:51:10 +1100

Seeing the thread on married names prompted me for a "wish list" item - what do others
think of the following:

In v6 there is an option to select Primary or other name for persons for various Tags.
Fabulous! But I'm sure I'm not going to go back through all my tags for 21,000 people
(well, probably only the females and a few others, so it's less than that number) and
altering all those options.

SO: Could we please have a General Preferences Option as follows:
"Use Primary Name in tags unless specified individually" OR "Use latest name for each
Individual Person" (Tick required option.)

Then, those ladies who adopted a married name, people known by their family/friends by
other than their registered name etc could, at the researcher's choice, have that name
used automatically in narratives for all tags AFTER the nominated date.

What do others think? The purists still have it "as now", but those who want to use the
"most recent name" could do so automatically, unless overridden on individual Tags.

Bruce Fairhall


Main genealogy interest: FAIRHALL (world-wide)

Also researching: Fairall, Fairehall, Fairhale and Fayerhall,
and the families who are associated with them by marriage

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