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From: bob gillis <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Printing and Privacy
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 07:25:38 -0500
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Then threaten to take the third party to court for copyright
infringement and tell him to take the information off his web site.

. The correspondence and comments are copyright as soon as you sent
them to the third party. And Actually the GEDCOM was copyright but if
you did not say not to further distribute you will have a hard time.

You would be better asking about this problem on the Association of
Professional Genealogist list.


>I too have joined this thread late.
>I have suffered from the unauthorised publication by third parties of my
>private genealogical research and my sources on commercial genealogy websites.
>Material published included private correspondence to me, my comments on
>evidence, my e-mail address and surnames of living people in Britain and in
>Germany who had asked me for professional and political reasons not to make
>public their Jewish ancestry.
>The source of this material was a GEDCOM which I gave in good faith to a
>person attempting to trace and reunite families split in the Holocaust. Without
>my permission this person passed my GEDCOM to other people who have chosen to
>add it to their own trees and to upload it onto public genealogy websites.
>A few years ago I took steps to have this material removed. And my efforts
>were successful.
>Now another person or persons has again published this private GEDCOM file
>on the internet on several sites and has not been persuaded to remove it. He
>protested that it was too much trouble.
>I now face a further long correspondence with the web site owners to get
>them to remove my private material. I am told (but do not know) that it is
>possible that my information including my private letters (of which copyright
>remains with the writers) may have been included on CD ROMs sold to the public
>for family history research.
>The implications for me are considerable. I no longer give any information
>away in GEDCOM electronic form. And would warn others not to do so.
>This is not a matter of whether or not fraud will be perpetrated — but
>whether there is an invasion of personal privacy through the unauthorised
>publication of letters (copyright material) and of the religious or ethnic background
>of living individuals, some of them in public life, and for some of whom
>that might constitute an additional risk to their safety.
>For the reasons given above I had excluded this tree from my own genealogy
>site. In any case, all the trees on my website were limited to birth, marriage,
> death and residence fields and exclude living people. It provides a page
>traceable through Google, and through which any family member wanting further
>details of sources can contact me with an enquiry. I do not pass on the
>addresses or e-mails of other family members without their prior permission.
>If anyone on this list has experience of trying to prevent the unauthorised
>publication of their material, I would like to hear from them.
>Evelyn Wilcock, London
>genealogy web site at
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